Sound Reading Solutions

Reading Instruction That Works - Guaranteed!

Sound Reading is much more effective than systematic phonics programs, literature-based instruction or well-established methods because of our comprehensive approach to literacy. Sound Reading is the only program that addresses all five areas essential to reading identified by both the National Academy of Sciences and the National Institute of Health:

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Speech Recoding
  • Fluency/Rapid Naming
  • Sound Discrimination
  • Meaningful Decoding

Emergent Reader software product pictureNew - Emergent Reader Software
Brad and Jenna Hop, Skip, and Jump Into Reading
The Brad and Jenna Hop, Skip, and Jump Into Reading software is designed for pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st grade children who are emerging readers. Learning to read has never been so easy and engaging. Young children explore the connection between speech and print with Brad and Jenna and their dog, Lokee. The learning-to-read child acquires and strengthens the foundational skills necessary for reading success. The software develops preword, word and sentence reading, as well as printed and spoken word fluency. Twenty activities develop phonemic awareness, sound discrimination, auditory attention and memory for comprehension. Children read earlier and with greater ease.
BJH 2-Student CD $54 -        BJH 6-Student CD   $159 -     BJH 10-Student CD   $269 - Volume Prices Call


Elementary software product pictureElementary
The Elementary software is designed for children in 1st and 2nd grade improve their reading skills and help 2 through 5 grade children who struggle to read. Children develop the fundamental cognitive skills and strategies that empower fluent, meaningful reading. They gain reading speed, ease and accuracy, as well as solid memory for spoken and written words through a series of more than 200 different exercises. The Elementary software provides children the skills and strategies they need to become fluent, independent readers.  

ELM 2-Student CD $54 -        ELM 6-Student CD   $159 -     ELM 10-Student CD   $269 - Volume Prices Call


Teens, 20's and Beyond screenshotTeens, 20’s and Beyond  - Overview
The Teens, 20’s and Beyond software is designed specifically for teens and adults. All 200 activities are designed to appeal to the audio and graphic sense of teens and adults. Gone are cute graphics, simplistic programs, and hyperactive video game-like drills. The Teens, 20’s and Beyond software provides the cognitive foundation of reading in a format that engages students as they learn the fundamental skills and strategies that came naturally to fluent readers.  Software Activities: Letter Manipulation   Blending Whole Word Contrasts Sound Discrimination Word Discrimination Sound Contrasts in Words   Rhyme One Sound Spellings One Spelling-Multiple Sounds Short And Long Sounds Sound Counting Middle Vowel Discrimination Vowels That Move Your Mouth Vowel Flexibility Rapid Automatic Naming

T20  2-Student CD $54 -        T20  6-Student CD   $159 -     T20 10-Student CD   $269 - Volume Prices Call


English Language Learners product pictureEnglish Language Learners
The English Language Learners software will help ELL students master the complicated sound structure of English for reading success. Especially effective with Spanish-speaking students and for native English speakers with limited proficiency due to regional and cultural language variations. Extra emphasis is placed on the vowels and spellings that challenge Spanish-speaking students.  For demo click here.

ELL 2-Student CD $54 -        ELL 6-Student CD   $159 -     ELL 10-Student CD   $269 - Volume Prices Call

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